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2023 Calendar – The Artist Model Edition

Get 12 months of the famous book cover artist model and important dates from your favorite pulp character. US: $33… read more 2023 Calendar – The Artist Model Edition

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Dare Devlin Returns!

Dafydd Neal Dyar’s Dare Devlin, Supreme Adventurer is back in an all-new thriller! Stormbirds! The discovery of Egyptian pyramids in… read more Dare Devlin Returns!

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Queen of the Pulps

Fantom Press Exclusive signed edition! — Long an enigma to many readers of the Doc Savage and Shadow pulps, Daisy Bacon’s reign Queen of the Pulps ended as she served as the last editor for both magazines. Had Street and Smith continued publishing into the 1950s would Bacon have brought both magazines back to their glory?

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The Lost Radio Scripts of Doc Savage

Fantom Press Exclusive Signed Edition! Written in the late 1940’s by Doc Savage’s creator, Lester Dent, many of these radio scripts have never been seen before. Their background shrouded in mystery, these incredible adventures have been virtually forgotten for more than half a century! Now, for the first time ever, these astonishing radio scripts are available to his legions of fans across the globe! Assembled together in this single, amazing volume, they are a rare treat for Doc Savage fans everywhere!

Dare Devlin
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Dare Devlin

It’s a New Pulp for a New Millennium! Introducing DARE DEVLIN, the fearless green-eyed red-haired handsome Devil who fights on the side of the Angels! Scion of fourteen generations of heroic American pioneers dedicated to physical, intellectual and moral self-development since 1776, he’s achieved “Peak Human” Condition! Devlin and his Amazing Associates, who’ve all faced certain Death, now consider themselves to be living on “borrowed time” and honor-bound to use every remaining moment seeking justice for all!

Savage Dyaries
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The Savage Dyaries

Dafydd Neal Dyar’s Doc Savage essays are back in print for the first time in nearly 40 years! Originally published in fanzines such as the Doc Savage Club Reader, Megavore, Doc Savage Quarterly and The Savage Society of Bronze, theses missives haven’t seen print since the late 70’s and early 80’s Each essay was painstakingly reconstructed and expanded with extensive annotations and new text. Doc Savage fans will delight in the nearly 250 pages of insights and observations from a master of pulp history. Foreword by pulp author/historian Rick Lai!

Larkin Sketchbook Cover
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Bob Larkin Sketchbook

From the fertile imagination of one of the premiere fantasy illustrators of the 20th Century comes a 48 page collections straight from Bob’s drawing board.
Each illustration is faithfully reproduced from Bob’s pencils to capture the beauty and subtlety of his technique.