Dare Devlin

It’s a New Pulp for a New Millennium! Introducing DARE DEVLIN, the fearless green-eyed red-haired handsome Devil who fights on the side of the Angels! Scion of fourteen generations of heroic American pioneers dedicated to physical, intellectual and moral self-development since 1776, he’s achieved “Peak Human” Condition! Devlin and his Amazing Associates, who’ve all faced certain Death, now consider themselves to be living on “borrowed time” and honor-bound to use every remaining moment seeking justice for all! Where others may be daunted, they rise to any Challenge, because they all should’ve died long ago!

In “Brain Wreck!”, the Supreme Adventurer and his Amazing Associates battle the legendary Japanese demon Orochi! They’ll follow a trail of madness and death from Manhattan to the shores of Japan before coming to grips not only with Orochi but also an unexpected and even more powerful foe, the Devil Doctor!

Introduction by Eisner nominee Martin Powell. Cover by Rondo Award winner Mark Maddox!

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Dare Devlin PaperbackPaperback

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